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Alex Sing - Grand Strand Juniors

Why Coast United?

Why is it that certain clubs consistently compete at the highest level nationally? It starts by  winning a numbers game. Top clubs usually have 150-200 players’ tryout per age group, more than most clubs have total. With those numbers it’s much easier to find great players. With those numbers you can begin to look at player positions and intangibles like personality and court presence to build a truly elite team. Top Clubs also attract players from a wider distance to bring the best players together. It is our goal to create Elite teams able to compete Nationally that will now be available to you. 

Concept: To combine the collective premier volleyball athletes from the SC and NC coast with the purpose to create Elite level teams. A larger demographic area will increase the base of athletes you have the opportunity to play with.*Grand Strand Juniors will continue to offer our traditional team programs in Myrtle Beach, Conway, and Florence. Coast United will be an additional program created for the top athletes to be pushed to another level. 

For information on GSJ Traditional Team programs CLICK HERE:

Coast United is Open to players from any club and will be a comprehensive program with increased skill and positional training, strength and agility, and team play. Teams will be supported with a training facility, training equipment, high standards of experienced successful Coaches, comprehensive training program, college recruitment assistance, and competitive schedule playing at the Open and Premier levels at tournaments. 

Grand Strand Juniors has a proven track record of successful teams and have helped players earn millions of dollars in athletic scholarships. The Coast United program takes that success to another level and benefits you the player by having the resources of an established club supporting you.

This concept is used by elite volleyball programs and other sports like basketball, baseball, and soccer to make sure the best athletes play together. 

Our Proven Success

Coast United is no longer an idea but a proven concept. Our top teams are competing in National events at the Open level. And they are winning! In addition, our players are getting scholarship opportunities. 

Over the past two seasons we have had multiple teams make National Finals and we currently have several of the top players in the region on our rosters.

If you think you have what it takes to be on a Coast United team we would love to talk to you.