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2022 Season Teams

PLEASE READ: Following is our team offerings for the 2022 Season. We had an amazing group of players trying out this year. I thought last year was hard, but this year was the most difficult team assignments we have had in our history. The talent level goes deep and we feel each of our teams will be at a very competitive level.  I know many of you will be excited while others might be disappointed. I wish we could make the perfect decision for every player, it's just impossible.  Some of our decisions are based on the position of the player and needs of the team. Unfortunately not everyone was placed on a travel team. 

Be sure to look through all the teams. Some players were placed in different age groups than where they tried out. If you were placed on a team,  find your name and team. You have the option to accept or decline the offer.  Click the purple Team Acceptance button under the team names. Please do so asap. 

TEAMS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED ON ACCEPTANCE. Final Teams will be set by Monday,  15th for 15 and Up

PRACTICE STARTS FOR 14 and under TEAMS November 3rd or 4th depending on team.

PRACTICE STARTS FOR 15 and Up TEAMS on Nov. 17th or 18th or depending on team

Unfortunately we were not able to place everyone on a team. Anyone not placed on a team is currently on the waitlist. If a spot opens up you will be contacted.

Development League

The following players are recommended for our Development League
*You can attend the location closest to you. Start Date is Dec. 7th

    Victoria Rivera    Laney Fields    Ally Griffin    Emilia Rivera    Jocelyn Droppleman
Sara Goff    Sadie Lee    Amberlee Mauldin    Taylor Thompkins        Lailyah Mazyck    Riley Dimaria    Taylor Nichols

GSJ 12 Regional Purple

Coach: Dana Broderick
Practice Tuesday/Thursday 5:00-6:30 at GSJ Facility

Bella Goebel
Kinsley Leslie
Lila Thomas
Journie Livingston
Malley McMillian
Simone Fredrick-Pearson
Reyut Cohen
Atara Cohen
Sophia Pimentel
Macy Johnson

GSJ 13 Regional Conway

Coach Paxie DeBeaugrine
Practice Tuesday and Thursday 6:30-8 at GSJ Facility

Evan Porter
Kiley Townsend
Charley Levy
Anna Grace Lawrimore
Addison Reeves
Peyton Jones
Carley Holmes
Juliana Wunderlich

GSJ 14 Regional Purple Conway

Coach Mia Davis
Practice Tuesday/Thursday 6:30-8 at GSJ

Joslyn Livingston
Savina Pimentel
Kaylee Williams
Chloe Ard
Emma Willever
Lily Baker
Emma Bergeron
Hailey Oliver
Presslee Hucks

GSJ 15 National

Coach Lauryn Durham
Practice Tuesday and Thursday 8-9:30 and Saturday 11-1

Caroline Daly
Sarah Lijoni
Lilly Anguelova
Ashley Farman
Gabriela Parisio
Sophie Jackson
Gabriella Cudd
Elena Gregory
Jada Dargan
Mia Dossey
Emma Anderson

GSJ 16 National

Coach Gracie Hinson
Practice Tuesday/Thursday 8-9:30 and Saturday 1-3 at GSJ Facility

Brooklyn Vaugh
India Wilkes
Reece Anna Cribb
Carrie Owens
Braelynn Brewington
Elbie Daniels
Ally Miller
Brianna Bruce
Ariana Santiago
Ava Henley
Shiraz Cohen

GSJ 16 Regional MB

Coach Lee Moore
Practice Tuesday/Thursday 7-9 at MB Sports Center

Francesco Urso
Christa DiCaprio
Juliana Weldon
Piper Palmer
Hilla Ben
Brianna Preciado
Noelle Moreland
Skylar Lombard
Haley Feldman
Gentry Hardee

Coast United 16 Black

Coach  Jason Moore
Practice Monday/Wednesday 7-9 and Saturday 3-5 at GSJ Facility

Morgan Sullivan
Reagan DuBose
Layla VanAernem
Railyn Fowler
Larissa Kellam
Bella Bellamy
Tristan Martin
Kaycee Miller
Kylie Hunt
Macie McMillian
Mattie Wilburn
Madelyn Cox

GSJ 17 National

Coach Dino Zubieta
Practice Tuesday/Thursday 8-9:30 and Sunday 2-4 at GSJ Facility

Abbie Hinson
Paige Sutley
Aubrey Callahan
Madison Sides
Amelia DiMartino
Gracen Covington
Nora Carroll
Sofia Zeballos
Max Dehaas
Anna Wilson
Lauren Burns
Sophie Moschgat

18 Coast United

Coach Larry Church
Practice Monday/Wednesday 7-9, Sunday 2-4 at GSJ

Rion Caldwell
Lucy Hammock
Emma Booth
Lauren Martin
Kinsley Scanlin
Kennedi Collins
Kayla Clayworth
Kira Ryan
Abby Rabon
Kayleigh Humphreys
Madi Fleer
Taylor Merritt
Cameron Roberts
Jara Davis

GSJ 12 Regional Black

Coach: Jessica Vancleek
Practice Tuesday/Thursday 5:00-6:30 at GSJ Facility

Anna Cooke
Katelyn Oakley
Zuri Hughes
Holly Smith
Josie Davis
Ava Tyler
Maddie Brown
Cecelia Grider

13 Coast United

*Team will play a similar schedule to our National teams but include AAU.
Coach Brittany Drew
Practice Monday/Wednesday 5:30-7/Saturday 9-11 at GSJ Facility

Reagan Rowsey
Drew Brumfield
Kate Clark
Sierra Roberts
Anna Baines Trisler
Regan Barry
Harlow Horton
Savannah Drew
Sophia Cala
Mallory Bryant

GSJ 14 Regional Black Conway

Coach: Mouk
Practice Tuesday/Thursday 6:30-8 at GSJ

Gracie Sendler
Miley Hinson
Ava Drumheller
Emma Kate Gore
Laura Ellen Clardy
Allison Martin
Rori Buffkin
Samatha Scholz

14 Coast United

Coach Jenn Loeswick
Practice Monday/Wednesday 5:30-7/Saturday 9-11 at GSJ Facility

Kylie Jones
Hailey McManus
Elizabeth White
Makenzie Trisler
Olivia Drew
Lilly Loeswick
Tehila Cohen
Addison Autry
Trinity Owens
Kylie Bryant
Emma Cooke

2022 Practice Schedule

2022 Payment Schedule

15 Coast United

Coach Justin Stack
Practice Tuesday/Thursday 6:30-8 and Saturday 11-1 at GSJ Facility

Sophia Fogarty
Caitlin Cooksey
Ella Handley
Olivia Borgman
Clara Cloninger
Bella Loeswick
Blake Carter
Leyna Wierzbicki
Addison Leonard
Reese Feldman
Anna Julian
Lauren Caricato

GSJ 16 Regional Conway

Coach Lauren Grace
Practice Tuesday/Thursday 8-9:30 at GSJ Facility

Marylynn Morris
Mariya Gregg
Kaylee Gurak
Jada McDowell
Kylee Cook
Erin Becker
Allison Bowers
Brianna Reiter
Peyton Lewis
Jalaysia Hudson

16 Coast United Blue

Coach Alex Sing
Practice Monday/Wednesday 7-9, Saturday 11-1 at GSJ

Bradley Brown
Hailey Clayworth
Kyleigh Haldi
Sofie Purvis
Carlin Sharpe
Emma Mischel
Breckin Lottchea
London Stanton
Kendal Scanlin
Lexi Robinson
Talia Emmen
Chenel Gainey

GSJ 14 West Team

Coach Kim Osborne
Practice Tuesday/Thrsday 7-8:30 at First Baptist on Irby

Sadie Patterson
Gabrellia Stamato
Allie Higgs
Susannah Carter
Lexi Rogers
Lydia Danford
Addison Pusser
Samantha Rogers
Kati Dubose
Reese Boykin
DaAnna Schenk
Vivan Edwards (practice)

GSJ 13 Regional Myrtle Beach

Coach: Sarah Just
Practice Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-7 at MB Sports Center

Marena Pisaniello
Sasha Dharmadasa
Kennedy Pierce
Brynna Garvin
Kinley Byrd
Anaya Gibbs
Brianna Gaspardo
Jada Griffith
Chloe Shore

GSJ 14 Regional Purple Myrtle Beach

Coach Jade Churby
Practice Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-7 at MB Sports Center

Brooke Bushnoe
Georgia Birch
Abigail Morrow
Eden Maxwell
Nadia Pizzato
Caitlin Corrigan
Sophia Marcus
Katelyn Colacicco
Ashlen Doran
Kinsley Hayden

GSJ 14 Regional Black Myrtle Beach

Coach: Becky Hayden
Practice Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-7 at MB Sports Center

Dakoda Rumsey
Lexi Greve
Leah Gordon
Natalee Munn
Abigail Cohen
Abby Williams
Georgia Windham
Haylie Hollarbach

GSJ 14 National

Coach Chynna Hunt
Practice Monday/Wednesday 5:30-7 and 

Saturday 9-11 at GSJ Facility
Emily Parker
Maya Adi
Ava Williams
Joslyn Everman
Ashley Shelley
Elizabeth Mau
Clara Harry
Madeline Green
Bryn Johnson
Maiya Woodward

GSJ 15 Regional MB

Coach Ann Martin
Practice  Tuesday and Thursday 7-8:30 at MB Sports Center

Madison Brown
Jalee Cala
Alyssa Weedon
Claire Lambert
Sophia Miller
Amelia Merritt
Sabrina Godwin
Lauren Bougher
Sarah Johnson
Tatum Kemp
Anna Hutton

GSJ 15 Regional Conway

Coach Mattie Drinkwater
Practice Tuesday and Thursday 8-9:30 at GSJ Facility

Cheyenne Ketcham
Mikenna Cooper
Phobe Johnson
Addison Spivey
Maggie Simmons
Anna Kate Nelson
Presley Pierce
Enjoli Allen
Amanda Walp
Janiya Long
Sophie Reise

17 Coast United

Coach Leah Levert
Practice Monday/Wednesday 7-9 and Sunday 2-4pm at GSJ Facility

Kaitlin Fore
Kaitlyn Muharsky
Kayden Cupid
Jordyn Autry
Savannah Prox
Mamie Grossetti
Fernanda Zubieta
Sophia Zubieta
Morgan Mann
Isabella Young
Amber Tallent
Kayla Watts

GSJ 16 West Team

Coach Paige Billings
Practice 7-8:30 at First Baptist on Irby

Ashlin Gunter
Isabella Stamato
Carlise Edwards
Claire Knight
Bella Chandler
Sara Earle
Alli Moore
Nataleigh Palmer
Isabel Causey
Camryn White
Cathryn Smith
Evelyn Edwards

Fundraising and scholarships

GSJ wishes to provide anyone with the desire and commitment to play an opportunity to do so. We offer several ways to reduce or eliminate your club fees. We have work programs, sponsorships, and scholarship requests. If finances will keep you from playing, then you should fill out the scholarship request form (available by request). Forms will be reviewed by our board and granted based on the answers given and our knowledge of the situation and athlete requesting. Only a limited number of scholarship opportunities are available and will be granted to the most deserving. We require some financial contribution from the applicants to be determined on a case by case basis. All scholarship recipients are expected to work during the events GSJ host. We will have scholarship applications available prior to our informational meetings Oct. 8th and 9th.

Grand Strand Juniors Partners and Affiliates

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Grand Strand Juniors and support youth in your area.

Sponsored by Become a sponsor

Become a sponsor

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Grand Strand Juniors and support youth in your area.