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2019 Team Placements 14 and Under

2019 GSJ Teams

Thank You for trying out with GSJ for the 2019 Club Volleyball Season. We had such an amazing group of kids and all the Coaches were so impressed. We're excited to get started.

Practice schedules and Payment schedules are below.

Here are the team Selections ! Please click below to accept your team.

Development League - The following players are recommended for our new D-League program. This will allow you the chance to greatly improve your skills before taking on the full commitment to travel volleyball. You will practice twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday at a location nearest to you. Locations are Myrtle Beach, Conway, and Florence. League will start December 4th and last until the end of March. Opportunities to play on a travel team after league ends will be available.

Brianna Reiter                      Lilly Gregg (GSJ West)
                                                       Annsley Tolar (GSJ West)
Emma Hopkins                    Kessler Richardson (GSJ West)
Leah Oldland                        Addison Pusser (GSJ West)


GSJ Teams 15 and Up

Please Read: We are super excited to present our teams for the 2019 Club Season. Every team should be very competitive at their level. There have been a lot of moving parts trying to establish the teams and schedules for our 15 and up teams and little time to get it all set. I appreciate your patience.

Every name should be listed. Some players might be listed on a team outside of their age group. The region makes exceptions and this is allowed.  If you do not see your name please contact me.

We have to go through the process to allow for players to accept or decline before final teams are set. Please inform all parties of your decision asap. You have until Monday at 6pm. Team movement is possible until the final teams are established. A tab is located at the bottom of this page to click to accept or decline. 

We look forward to a great season. If you have any questions please call me on Sunday at 843-283-5320. I will be unavailable tomorrow.  


GSJ 12U National Team

Coach Aly Knott and Jennifer Loeswick
Practice at GSJ Facility

Blake Carter
Emily Parker
Addison Leonard
Olivia Borgman
Katie McCollum
Lilly Loeswick
Bella Loeswick
Anna Julian
Sarah Lirjoni

GSJ West 13U Regional

Reagan Dubose
Evelyn Edwards
Gabriella Stamato
Elizatbeth White
Claire Knight
Bella Chandler
Laine Chandler 
Julia Cates

GSJ 12U Regional Team

Coach - Brittany Drew
Practice at GSJ Facility

Olivia Drew
Savannah Drew
Leyna Wierbricki
Trinity Owens
Isabella Shean-Richardson
Melanie Woods
Mackenzie Hand
Kylie Jones
Hannah Carteret

13U Regional Team

Coach - Shannon McGee
Practice at GSJ Facility

Ally Miller
Kylie Hunt
Macy Martin
Karly Hand
India Wilkes
Macie McMillan
Anastasia Duarte
Anna Reese

GSJ West 14U Regional

Carlise Edwards
Rachel Herod 
Maggie Scearce
Isabella Stamato
Taylor Sprenger
Sophie Freeman
Kari Chamblee
Savannah Temple
Sarah Temple
Brooke Owens 
Monica Schenk

GSJ 14U Purple Regional Team

Coach - Eva Irwin
Practice at GSJ Facility

London Stanton
Harlie Bonchak
Kaya Anderson
Gabrielle Manna
Laila Rajotte
Madison Walsh
Hayden Dennis
Kiera Lordi
Emma Grace Todd
Violet Ramirez

GSJ 14U Black Regional Team

Coach Jade Churby
Practice at the Myrtle Beach Sports Center

Aubrey Callahan
Maxine Dehass
Brooklyn Vaugh
Cara Hemingway
Liana Scarpelli
Emily Carroca
Andelina Rockhill
Camilla Bordelon (Added)
Brooklyn Morelan (Added)

14 Coast

Coach Jason Moore
Savannah Prox
Kaleigh Humphreys
Rebecca Yohe
Sarah Hollingsworth
Hailey Clayworth
Sarah Grace Brown
Anna Wilson
Kaitlin Murharsky
Kayla Watts
Abby Rabon

GSJ 14 National Black

Coach Jarod Soucie
Madison Sides
Morgan Mann
Madelyn Duelley
Sofia Zaballos
Gianna Volpe
Nora Carroll
Abigail Fluharty
Paige Sutley
Ameila DiMartino

GSJ 14 National Purple

Coach Dino Zubieta
Jordyn Autry
Nyla McKay
Emma Mischel
Kaitlyn Fore
Ella Thomas
Sophia Zubieta
Fernanda Zubieta
Abby Tulino
Elizabeth McCollum

Coast United 15

Coach Rachel Doutt
Maddie Fleer
Emma Booth
Anna Grace Bradley
Mayson Candler
Kayla Clayworth
Lilly Javoroski
Graysen Sautter
Lauren Martin
Abby Moore
Caitlin Morris

Coast United 16

Coach Alex Sing
Ellyn Adams
Emmy Rollins
Anna Rabon
Ruby Moore
Wrenn Johnson
Alyssa Owens
Holli Daniel
Abrianna Reaves
Blair Josephs
Laurel Poston
Monet Prather

GSJ 16 Regional Black

Coach Kayla Loar
Eunice Sudjana
Sydney Velez
Mackenzie Squires
Taylor Powell
Tyler Stubbs
Madison Suggs
Kaiya Willoughby
Regan Flora
Kaeleigh Denny

GSJ 17 West

Clair Gore
Hailey Wilhelm
Ashleigh Palmer
Sierra Gainey
McCanless Pennington
Telasha Jordan
Charlotte Sellers
Hannah Bodenhamer
Ansley Butler
Sofie Rogers

GSJ 15 National

Coach Madison Erneston
Alyssa DeCaprio
Lucy Hammock
Anne-Hackett Little
Lauren Burns
Ella Enloe
Madison Connor
Lily West
Isabella Wassell
Katie Fulton

GSJ 16 National Purple

Coach Joanne Maloney
Breigh Richardson
Morgan Clemmons
Macy Jersek
Merrill Mikolajczyk
Jordan Duvall
Peyton Cribb
Reese Hiatt
Emma Wester
Brianna Davis
Laney Cox

Coast United 17

Coach Pam Cenkner
Reagan Matney
Jennings Hall
Amani McArthur
Kamille Patrick
Maya Simmons
Meg Sansbury
Amanda Contois
Jaelyn Grandison
Audra Martin
Ryleigh Obrien

GSJ 15 Regional

Coach Katie Watts
Andrea Parker
Kailynn Wiggins
Sophia McKenna
Sofia Preobrehenskaya
Isabella Quade
Trista Willard
Natavia Francis
Natalie Andrews

16 National Black

Coach Ralph Lunati
Georgia Lewis
Lona Beck
Cassie Difloure
Laci Matthews
Baylie Garris
Allyson Lundy
Kirby Gore
Kacie Booth
Isabella Raniszewski

GSJ 17 Regional

Coach Lee Moore and Todd Underwood
Kaylee Smith
Olivia Collins
Sonjai Guiles
Kaitlyn Hubany
Holly Roe
Lenny Rodriguez 
Jenny Rodriguez
Ashley Clayworth

GSJ 18 West

Saphire Campbell
Taylor Atkinson
Leilani Campbell
MaKenzie Tyner
Naadira Jones
Imonie Brown
Mamie Grossetti
Katelyn Munn 

Coast United 18

Coach Larry Church
Gracie Davis
Sydney Bellamy
Kayla Henley
Avery Webb
Dakota Hansen
Ellie Atkins
Anna Walker
Emma Ann Lay
Olivia Olsen
Olivia Smith

Practice Starts the Week of Nov. 12th for all Teams

GSJ Payment Schedule

Team Total Fees Due 1st Practice January 1 February 1 March 1
Development League $250 $125 $125
GSJ West $650 $300 $175 $175
GSJ 12U Regional $750 $400 $175 $175
GSJ 12U National $1000 $500 $250 $250
GSJ 13-17U Regional $850 $450 $200 $200
GSJ 14-17U National $1400 $500 $300 $300 $300
Coast 14, 16, 17 $2300 $800 $500 $500 $500
Coast 15, 18 $1750 $750 $500 $500

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Grand Strand Juniors and support youth in your area.

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Grand Strand Juniors and support youth in your area.